skin stapler

staple remover

We are using the same material of surgical blade for the safety.
It can be operated with less power since the ergonomic
design reduces the user’s stress.
All sizes of the staple are removable.

features No doubt about
your satisfaction
with ACOS™ Staple Remover

Materials 100% Stainless Steel, or combined w/ plastics
Sterilization ETO
Conformity CE
Packaging Individually packed in pouch
  • Easy to Remove

    Easy to remove staples with
    minimum force

  • Easy to Use

    Easy to use with
    ergonomic design

  • Clear View

    Easy to detect
    the surgical site


Ref No. Model Name Description Qty/Carton
0402ASR Acos SR Acos disposable staple remover 200 EA
0402ASR 2 Acos SR 2 Acos disposable staple remover 500 EA