laparoscopic surgery

skin stapler


These surgical instruments have a unique ergonomic design
that is comfortable in use and promotes efficient muscle action.
The ergonomic handle eliminates deviation of the wrist, reduces
carpal tunnel pressure, eradicates fatigue, and thereby makes
efficient operation of the surgeon.

features highly functional and user-friendly
disposable HAND instrument for
laparoscopic surgery

Rotation of the VOLARGRIP™ instruments is performed smoothly through a natural rotation of the wrist, and is also available through the easily accessible serrated dial. The patented VOLARGRIP™ handle is size-adjustable to suit different hand sizes.

  • 7.5 million

    At least 7.5 million laparoscopic procedures are performed annually.

  • Less traumatic, less painful, much less recovery time

    Since minimally invasive procedures are less traumatic, less painful with quick recovery, the preference and the demand of the patients are also drastically increasing.

  • Upward trend of laparoscopic surgery

    On the other hand, the demand of laparoscopic surgery is increasing among the surgeons since general surgery requires long operation time with precise procedure which leads to the
    deviation of muscles.

  • Maximum comfort and surgical precision

    VOLARGRIP™ enhances the surgical precision by providing relaxation to the surgeons.

  • Positive clinical impact

    It can minimize the side effects and derive with safe and efficient effect of
    medical treatment to the patient.


Ergonomics and use

  • 1 Ergonomic Design

    Pistol-shape designed
    handle promotes efficient muscle action,
    reducing carpal tunnel pressure.

  • 2 360˚ Rotation

    Smooth rotation of jaw and shaft over 360˚

  • 3 User-friendly
    Ratchet System

    Volargrip clinch and straight grasper are equipped with ratchet system which can be on and off according to the user’s preference.

  • 4 Size Adjustable

    The patented size-adjustable handle fits well to
    all different sizes of the hand.

  • 5 Compatibility

    Volargrip instruments are applicable for all
    kinds of generators.


Ref No. VG30.701 VG30.702 VG30.703 VG30.704 VG30.705 VG30.706 VG30.707 VG30.708 VG30.709
of Tip
Description Grasper, with hole Grasper, with thin teeth Grasper, with thick teeth - Clinch Grasper, with thin teeth, rotating (20) Grasper, with thin teeth, rotating (44) Grasper, with wave teeth Grasper, blunt Grasper, cholecyst Grasper, rat teeth
Color of Cap
Q'ty/Carton 10 EA
Remark Non-electronic


Ref No. VG30.801 VG30.802 VG30.803 VG30.804 VG30.901
of Tip
Description Dissector, curved (Maryland) Dissector, 90o Scissor, Straight Curved Scissors Sealing and dividing device (Gcos)
Color of Cap
Q'ty/Carton 10 EA
Remark Monopolar Bipolar /
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