[News] Meet “SunMedix Co., Ltd” @ KIMES 2022


SunMedix Co., Ltd. (, the only manufacturer and exporter of those surgical medical devices in Korea, will be participating at KIMES 2022 in Seoul, Korea on March 10-13, 2022.



         <ACOS Skin Stapler>                    <VOLARGRIP Laparoscopic Instrument>                            <DCOS DVT Pump>



The main products of SunMedix are surgical skin stapler, laparoscopic instruments and portable DVT pump.


“ACOS Skin Stapler” is a disposable device used to close the skin, and it emphasizes the shortening of the procedure time and the convenience of the operator. After recovery, use Acos remover to remove the applied staples.


“VOLARGRIP Laparoscopic Instruments” are disposable handpieces used in a minimally invasive surgery, so called as laparoscopic surgery. Variety of jaws can be found according to the intended use like Grasper, Clinch, Dissector, Maryland, Scissors, and/or Vessel Sealer used for holding, cutting and coagulating the tissues. All electrosurgical generator is compatible with our device.


“DCOS Portable DVT Pump System” is a system to prevent deep vein thrombosis, DVT. It helps to maintain smooth blood circulation by sequentially inflating the air cuff and compressing & decompressing the part of the body systematically. It is also called as SCD or IPC.


Since its establishment, SunMedix Co., Ltd. has solidified its foundation by exporting its products to more than 45 overseas countries including Australia, India, Japan, Kenya, Sudan, UAE, Iran, Myanmar, Peru, EU countries, etc.


We are aiming for an international leading company by establishing an online marketing strategy to keep pace with untact or non-face-to-face interactions due to the prolonged COVID-19 outbreak, applying for MDR 2017/745, the European Union (EU) medical device regulation for the sake of preparation of strengthened overseas medical device regulations, and acquiring patents to secure fundamental technology.


Throughout KIMES 2022, SunMedix Co., Ltd. is ready to introduce new innovative products such as needle fixation clip, bed-mounted DVT pump, E.O. sterilized sleeves, etc. to reinforce the existing product line-up.


2022. 02. 11

Cited from KIMES 2022

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